1. Ronnie012

    Need an assembled Pc. Budget~30k

    Guys i need an assembled pc at 30 k budget range. Should be able to handle few 2016 - 2017 games at medium(or low ) settings should have a decent processor to handle Photoshop and other graphic softwares. P.s. I have never owned a desktop before nor assembled one. So is it advisable to go for...
  2. mediator

    Hindus in Bangladesh rattled by a string of attacks

    e activists torched, vandalised and looted homes, shops and businesses establishments of Hindus in the northwestern districts of Dinajpur, Lalmonirhat and Thakurgaon and at Noapara in western Jessore district, which was the worst affected area. According to statistics from the...
  3. A

    Motherboard has usb 3 but cabinet does not

    Hi everyone cud not decide whether it comes under mobo or case section so... My question is if the mobo has usb 3 ports but the cabinet does not will I hv usb 3 or not? Can the back panel be used for this alone? Had to ask cuz never owned a desktop till now and assembling one in a few days time.
  4. S

    Used PS2 worth buying now?

    a guy offered me a used PS2 with 2 original controllers, memory card and 20 top games, its 1 year old and he is asking for 3k, is it worth buying at this price? i have a low spec PC and never ever owned a console, and i am not a heavy gamer at all, i just need to time pass with it :razz:
  5. orc

    Is the W960i really slow?

    Hi guys, I am planning to get the w960i from US. Going through several review sites I found there is a sort of mixed response on it's performance and responsiveness. And I could not find a review on it in here either, Have you owned a W960i? If so please let me know if it is really slow and if...
  6. A

    Dish TV or Tata Sky?

    Hi Guys, In between dish TV and Tata Sky which is better as far as initial and monthly cost is concerned? I believe that picture and sound quality of both is more or less same. Am I right/wrong? I got to know that set top box given along with dish tv connection is on a rental basis and...
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