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I want to hide the icon from the system tray without stopping it's services.

Pl suggest software or tips to hide tray icon.[/font]


right click on the taskbar....select properties....check hide inactive items....click on customize...

in current items, select your program...in behaviour select always hide from the drop down box....


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A simple registry hack will make you happy.
lets how:
1. open registry editor by run> regedit
2. navigate to following key:
3. check if the DWORD entry NoTrayItemDisplay is already available in the left panel,
if available then change the value of NoTrayItemDisplay to 1
4. if dont have, then create "NoTrayItemDispay" entry without quote and set the value 1
5. now close the registry and restart to take effect.
Note: if you want to show again then just change the value from 1 to 0
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