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Hey I Want Which Is The Best Os

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Although XP is good But vista has came with many new features.
Linux is good if u Dosne't want to pay much
The biggest advantage of windows is That its has a huge variety of supporting software
and the biggest advantage of linux is that it has flexibility and can be customized


Call me Sumit
The best OS for bina sirdard applications , best for movies,games,entertainment = Windows XP SP2 :D

aaram se dbl clik kar ke ash karo .......

The sirdard OS = Linux ...... :x


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I have a humble request to the posters in this thread. Please rate the operating systems you have used and ignore the ones you haven't. If you have not used something, it does not mean that it is worse in comparison to the ones you have.


Aspiring Novelist
Yeah, those are operating systems.

But which operating system is called 'Linux'? Last I knew, it was the name of a kernel. :p


I have used XP with SP1 on my laptop, it was a totally screwed up OS.
My current config doesnt support XP, I use ubuntu, it rocks.
I even dont like 2k. In windows, ME was the best(It came preinstalled with my PC). :-D
Never used MAC, Ive only seen its screenshots.
Doesnt anybody here use Solaris???
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