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Help with tata plug to surf


Hello guys,

I had bought the tata plug to surf a long time ago.... and was using it just fine on my WINDOWS XP. Recently i had upgraded to windows 7 and to my demise, i found out that the software is not compatible with windows 7 :( .... everyone says i need to go back to xo or vista to use the plug to surf, else i have to upgrade to photon..... i need you guys to give me a solution..

please help....


Broken In
There is a way.
First install the software in compatibility mode for Vista.
Next plugin the modem. In the found new hardware wizard, point to the folder where the software was installed.
This way, Windows 7 will install the drivers for the modem.
Next go to Network and Sharing Center and click on Setup a Connection or Network
Select the first option Connect to the Internet
On clicking Next, in How do you want to Connect window, look for your TATA Modem
Select it.
Now you will have to provide username, password and dialling number.
You can find this information in the help file provided on the CD.
(For my older connection the username and password are "internet" and dialling number #777)
When you want to connect to internet, use the network connection icon in the system tray. Just select your connection and say connect. For disconnecting, once again select the connection and say disconnect.
Word of Caution: I have seen marked decrease in connection speeds while using 7 so I switched back to XP.
(This trick worked for me. I am using wireless connection from TATA prior to plug to surf. So dunno whether it will work for you).
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