1. shreeux

    Need help for Choosing Cables

    Recently bought SwanM200KII in that set, I was received 3.5 mm TO 2 RCA PLUG. Pic showed below... I like to upgrade 3.5 mm TO 2 RCA Male Cable....Suggestion welcome...!!! If go for High end or expensive Cable any difference in sound quality? Right now select 2 cables, Indian made and...
  2. patkim

    How reliable are USB3 Extension cables?

    Sometime back I purchased a USB3 extension cable about 1.5M from ebay. It was available for some 350-400 Rs range and I think it was Terabyte brand. For a first few days it worked fine. Now I find that it works fine whenever I connect only my USB2 devices to it, be it a pen drive or my mobile...
  3. ax3

    plug & play service !!!

    hi, i have win 7 basic installed ... "plug & play" service not starting automatically ... device manager is blank ... option show "automatically" bt have to manually click-on start button ... any solution to start it with windows itself (default) ??? Thanx
  4. patkim

    What is Plug Type 'EU' - Corsair PSU

    For Corsair PSU e.g. VS Series VS450 450 Watt Power Supply (EU Plug) and also in its detailed specs say <here >it mentions 'Plug Type' as 'EU' What does that EU actually mean? Can anyone clarify please. Thx.
  5. M

    Affordable USB Hub that supports External Harddisk

    Im looking for a USB hub under 500INR that supports external harddisk.Should i look for a usb hub with external power,or can i get a cheap one under 200 will it support external drive.Provided that i plug in only the harddisk at a time.My main requirent is a hub on the table to prevent reaching...
  6. E

    Android Phone with TV Output

    Hi, I am looking for a Android phone which has TV out feature (not wireless and not HDMI). In my current iPhone 3GS, I can simply plug a cable it and the TV and see movies directly. Any suggestions ? Thanks!
  7. giprabu

    Connecting PC directly to Inverter plug point without UPS..

    Guys .. Here is my problem.. There is high voltage fluctuation and frequent power cuts in my locality. I'm using 600w zebronics psu (4.5 yrs old) with 600va zebronics ups (1 year old).. For past few weeks the ups couldn't back up the PC even for 30 secs.. I'm not even able to shut it...
  8. D

    Is it safe to use laptop without earthing ?

    I stay in a hostel and it started about a month ago that whenever i connect the laptop to the plug then i get mild to medium shock even when i do not switch on the plug. I use asus laptop which has a aluminum body. It makes me worry whether i should continue using as it could damage the...
  9. R

    Laptop not starting after a spark in electric plug

    HI, I am using a compaq laptop. Yesterday there was a spark in the electric plug and after that when I start my lapto it just produces a noise ( not any beep ) from the speaker but nothing is opening. Observations :- 1) All the lights are glowing on starting the laptop. 2) The power button does...
  10. J

    asus xonar dg problem

    hi i brought new asus xonar dg after install when i plug my 2.1 speakers the jack detention is not found the sound is not coming in asus xonar dg..... plug all the jack but not Automatic jack-sensing please help curently using onboard audio
  11. D

    My MCB is getting trip whenever i start my cpu...what to do.

    I am using Corsair CMPSU-600CXV2UK 600 Watts PSU. My first problem is that PSU came with Euro three pin plug and i am not getting a good convertor for that from the market. second one is it has 15 amps plug so i am not able to use it in my Spike guard as it is of 6 AMP rating. every time i...
  12. lovedonator

    Connecting Corsair GS600 to Power Plug

    OK,so I assembled my rig today and as the Corsair GS600(PSU) has a power plug that is not compatible to Indian electricity boards I used the power plug from my old PC(Frontech 450W PSU). But when I tried to power on the system nothing happened. So I'm assuming it is because of the power plug. So...
  13. D

    funbook battery problem.

    Hello all. I am a funbook owner from few months.initially it was ok.but now it closes whenever the battery is within just don't starts untill you plug in the charger. Please help.its not modded or anything everything is factory set. No one knows the solution?
  14. V

    cpu problem or mobo's??????

    one night i was using my pc and it suddently turned off and the power led started blinking after that it never started not even the i rma'd the motherboard and tried starting my started but after 15 minutes the same thing happened so i again rma'd the mobo also baught a decent...
  15. S

    Need a TV+Monitor Combo

    Heyy Everyone, Out of 2 options,whiich one is best: Using a LED Tv as a monitor and TV. or Using LED Monitor as a tv and monitor I will use it for watching full HD(1080p) movies and will also be using it for Gaming,watching tv shows etc.. Also,can those USB ports present on monitors can...
  16. G

    Help needed for Corsair 650TX plug type.

    Hi, Just bought my new system and my PSU has a UK plug type G. By a quick thought I bought a cheap desi adapter which cost me around 20 INR :P and using it by that way. Is it the proper way or is there anything else that I can do better ?
  17. rahul.007

    question about power cable

    I brought seasonic s12ii 520w psu today. After assembling it, when i looked at its power chord, it was of the type which lacks an earthing pin(like the one that my benq g2220 uses.. my apc 550va has only 2 sockets so i was using one socket for my monitor and the otger one with a 3pin plug for...
  18. N

    Monitor Power Cord issue

    Hi, My BENQ monitor power cord plug is big and wont fit in regular surge protectors,nor it fits in wall socket. This is why i was using my old desktop monitor power cord which I have lost recently. Is there any way i can use the power cord that came with monitor by attaching it to some other...
  19. R

    How to adjust 15 Amp plug in 5 Amp switch

    Hello, I stay in India and got XBOX 360 few days back. We have a 5 amp power supply in front of TV. Check the image: But the power supply plug is big ... Its a 16Amp plug.. check the img. Also check the power ratings of XBOX. So how to adjust this 15Amp plug in the 5 Amp plug .. I...
  20. patkim

    PSU help

    my planned upgrade would need for a new PSU. The mobo will have 8 pin CPU plug. My existing iball PSU that came with the iball cabinet is >4 years old and though no issues given so far its time to go for new. Do the newer PSUs now come with 8Pin CPU plug?? While I could notice good brands...
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