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Help with picking a low budget mobo


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Guyz i need help picking up a mobo under 2.5k-3.5k.I have a x4 960t currently & would like one with the feature to unlock the cores also.
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You cant unlock any more cores in it. It already gives you all max 4 unlocked cores.
Get the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P (rev. 3.1) @Rs.2800


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thetechfreak, 960T is based Thuban architecture and it is basically an AMD Phenom II X6 core processor with 2 cores disabled. It is not same as Phenom Ii X4 series and it supports features like AMD Turbo Core, just like Thuban.
A lot of people were able to unlock it to a full six core Phenom II X6.

an_ultim, get the motherboard suggested by thetechfreak as it supports Core unlocker feature. But my suggestion is get a quality board rather than a cheap board as an unlocked 6 core processor will have more power consumption. Since your processor is running at 3 GHz speed, the maximum chance that it will be unlocked to a 125W TDP based 6 core.
So my suggestion is pick up a board like MSI 880GM-E35 around 3.8K. If you can spend a little more pick up the Gigabyte GA-880G USB 3 motherboard.


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@OP: get Gigabyte GA-880G USB3 @4.8K, which will overshot your budget but totally worthy investment.


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OP - go with d6bmg's suggestion... dont cut down on the board...

@Cilus - dude.. M5A88M(5.3k @SMC) vs GA-880G(4k @SMC). SB850 vs SB710... what is ur take..? Is it really worth spending 1.3k extra for M5A88M?


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^^ GA-880G USB 3 is not 4K in SMC, it is 4.8K. I think you are talking about the 880G-DH motherboard which is stripped down version as it has only 2 ram slots and lacks the USB 3.o support.
Now between GA-880G-USB 3 @ 4.8K and M5A88M @ 5.3K, I will go with the Asus M5A one as
i. M5A motherboards have full support for AM3+ processors from ground level, not by BIOS update as in the case of Gigabyte mobo.
ii. It has SATA III 6 Gbps ports, missing in 880G-USB 3
iii. M5A88M has slightly better build quality over and better VRM over 880G-USB3 and it supports CPU TDP up to 140W.
iv. SB850 Southbridge compared to SB710 in Gigabyte

The only point in favor for the Gigabyte motherboard is cheaper price and two PC-E X16 slots @ (X16-X4) mode, allowing the provision for Crossfire or dedicated PhysX setup.


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Sorry for wrong suggest. Thanks for info Cilus. I guess op should go with M5A88M as suggested by Cilus. Better buy overall even if it meant over shooting the budget badly.
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