1. A

    Help with picking a low budget mobo

    Guyz i need help picking up a mobo under 2.5k-3.5k.I have a x4 960t currently & would like one with the feature to unlock the cores also.
  2. B

    Plz Suggest Dual SIM Phone for around 10k

    Really need help in picking a Dual SIM phone for around 10k...
  3. Sarath

    Shopping in UK

    I am going on a trip wherein London, UK is one of the destinations. I have seen many people order from UK(online) or get something from there. Q: I would like to know what gadget or other articles can be bought there? More specifically I mean, what is it that we can find there that is worth...
  4. A

    Urgent: Samsung Galaxy 3 or LG Optimus One?

    I have done so much research about these two phones over the past two weeks, and the deadline to my purchase date is a week away. I was/am leaning towards the O1, but now the G3 seems to be better at Multimedia, but yet the O1 is better when it comes to games, and I worry about compatible...
  5. abhi.eternal

    Indian Fantasy League

    *www.indianfantasyleague.com/ I hope many of us are playing the IFL. So please tell about your team names and your current ranks so that we can who among us are better than Ambani, Mallya or SRK in picking teams with a budget. BTW, my team is info is as follows: Elite Warriors The...
  6. Y

    folder options missing!!!

    Guys....I think ma system is infectd with virus...in tools menu folderoption is missing..what do i do now?..I hav Kaspersky running and it is picking up viruses...but this one is not fixing...
  7. User Name

    Tomb Raider-Anniversary ERROR

    Hi i got error Unable to get ID for object: Ip_lc_drillkeyWhile picking some things like medipack,guns etc. How get rid of this error?
  8. faraaz

    N80 vs. N73 ME

    Okay, I own an N80 and I have got two very simple questions: 1) Is the N73 ME better than the N80? (Note: I've got a 2 GB memory card in my N80 already, mind you...so forget the space issue) If better, how much better? 2) If I already have an N80, is it worth getting rid of it and picking...
  9. S

    Report: Net users picking safer passwords

    |||||A sample of login information from 34,000 MySpace.com members seems to indicate that Internet users are getting better at picking more secure passwords, according to a prominent security expert. The average password is 8 characters long and 81 percent..........||||| Source...
  10. faraaz

    Dell Inspiron 9100...

    Hi All, I've got a customised Inspiron 9100 with the following config: P4 3.2 GHz 1 GB DDR-RAM 100 GB HDD ATi Radeon 9800 256 MB 4x DVD-RW drive I'm using it at Uni in Australia at the moment, but I am looking to sell it when I graduate in about 2 weeks and come back to India. I'll be...
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