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Re: Help to Build New PC - Budjet 1.25k

1] Ya I know that but as I said as from start I used Intel it's kinda hard to change may be be due to my human nature :)

2] I saw some video reviews where uploader shared his benchmarks with low end processor + 1070 & in comments peoples are saying "Old CPU is bottlenecking the GPU" & I really don't want that although 950 is great processor but still I have no idea it's going to work with 1070 or not ?

In most games, i7-950 will not be a bottleneck.

This video has all i5s benchmarked with a GTX 970. You can get an idea yourself. Every Core i5 Generation Benchmarked: Lynnfield to Skylake, 7 years of i5 Goodness! - YouTub

I'm advising this because you want longevity out of your purchase. Even if there is a bottleneck, it won't be huge. Next year I can see Intel offering at least 6 cores in mainstream lineup since Ryzen is making a mockery of them in workstation workloads.

Get a faster GPU now, and delay the CPU upgrade. See how things turn out on the CPU front.

Btw, watch this video. Ryzen 7 1700 vs Core i7-7700K | An Unbiased Look at Benchmarks - YouTube This is Ryzen 1700 vs. i7-7700K - only gaming comparisons since they are priced same. Look at the headroom Ryzen has and developers will now make use of it. Apart from gaming, Ryzen is faster at everything multithreaded. In gaming also it is 85-90 percent at the moment. But for future games, it's going to improve and improve. Present games also need patches since this is a radically different processor.

Until Intel has a future proof alternative like Ryzen, they don't deserve to be bought if longevity is the criteria. You can buy i7-7700K and they'll change the socket with the next series. There goes the longevity of you want to put in a new CPU.

So, better buy GTX 1070/80 and sit on it, even if there is a mild bottleneck, because the GTX 460 in your system is what is limiting your gaming performance. Not the i7-950.


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Re: Help to Build New PC - Budjet 1.25k

Check out this link: AMD Ryzen R7 vs Intel Core i7 twitch livestream comparison - YouTub

Just shows how much headroom Ryzen 7 has.

i7-4770k = i7-7700K for all practical purposes.


I would suggest to include 1440p/4k with 1080GTX instead of 1070GTX. Also, why spend in "K" series processor + "z" series mobo when you are not going to overclock? you can get "B" or "H" series mobo with non K processor and save money (if you are not going to overclock).
Also, consider what are you going to do more- editing/decoding work or gaming? if gaming is the priority, get atleast 1080GTX to satisfy your budget, and i7 7700k would definitely be overkill. if editing/decoding is the priority, then this cpu + 1070GTX is good.

I understand the Intel + nvidia thing (I also feel the same). But still, you should check Ryzen series reviews yourself, those are really good and going to make Intel run for their market now.
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