Help Needed In Making the setup work..

I have a Sony Bravia TV that is 40 inch in size dont remember the model... Purchased it 3 years back so ..I just got a sony DAV DZ640 K HT System and hooked It to my TV and Came to know that My TV Doesnt Have A ARC(audio return channel port) on the HDMI ...The Problem is that The HT System doesnt have a optical audio in and uses only hdmi for digital audio or next is a normal analog 2.0 audio ..I have a rca cable connected to the the back of tv along with hdmi so to get audio..

I am Ok with the 2.0 in my tv but when I Connect MY htpc I want the full 5.1 audio

So I tried connecting single hdmi to tv and it would give only 2.0 audio
Tried connecting HDMI to Home Threater and DVI to HDMI to TV ..Get only video and no audio recognized in pc .

What Should I do now as I want to use 5.1 digital audio

Should I get some Thing new...

Please help


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first of all explain clearly what are you trying to achieve.if you want 5.1 audio out from TV then you can't.very few models support 5.1 audio out from tv using either hdmi ARC or optical output.if you want 5.1 output from your htpc then simply connect hdmi from pc(playing 5.1 audio files of course)to HT system & video output from pc to monitor/tv.

When I connect HDMI from htpc to tv it recognizes tv as sony tv but when connected to ht it doesn't recognizes it...
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