Help me out, in choosing new mobile phone?

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A very good day to all of u guyz. I need some help regarding purchasing new mobile phone. Well my budget is around Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Well some of the features mandatory needed in the phone as:
As per my style:::

1. A very good quality Camera with atleast 2MP with 1600*1400 res with 2x or 4x digital zoom.
2. Despirately need high quality sound for MP3 music as well talking.
3. Internal memory more than 20MB and external memory atleast 512MB.
4. True polyphonic tones, MP3 tones and other format supports.
5. Dont want joystick, simple 4 side navigation buttons.
6. Last but not the least, not bulky,not heavy. Screen should be Large with good resolution.

And rest of the complete features as we get in any high end phones too.

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Go for SE W830i. It comes for around 15k now and fulfills all your mentioned requirements. Other (cheaper) option is W610i which is also good enough for your needs, but still i'd recommend W830i.


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Nokia 5700 XpressMusic @ Rs. 15k-16k

Crystal Clear Hi-Fi Stereo Sound,
2 MP Camera,
Latest Symbian OS
16 M Colors (which is best display),
240x320 resolution


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w830i will b a good option....!!

u can also chkout nokia5700 jst for ppls satisfaction pf it being a nokia fone...!!.

but in the end i am sure 830i will prevail...
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no two opinions on that.....Get the N70 Music edition dude now with 1 gb Memory card ......this phone rocks and now u will get it at below 13500/-...all your needs are satisfied .....gogogo...

ps : dont u everthink of buying me :)


sound qual means sony erricson and i think sony erricson makes good phone with cool simply jst goes on making phones.

also u want good cam..........5700 has not got autofocus which is a disadvantage for ne cam phone


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dont go fr 5700..has many problems with the rotating base..better go fr the w610i..awesum phone....around 14000....its too good...


yeah w610i the best fone for u man. 14k-15k
expect that u get 512 MB M2 Card. u know the cost of 1 GB card is around 2k
with it u get hpm-70 headset....its supposed to be lengendry.
the hpm 70 headset brought independently costs 1.5k frm sony show room


sony erricson
1. big screen?
2. resell value?
3. Does have os?
4. style?
5. Do u get compliments ? ;-)


if u wanna spend that much go for nokia dude anytime...just coz u have other options well ill try.... lol no

ps im not a nokia promotor although i may sound like that :p
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