1. kool

    ►►► RingTone , notification, whatsapp tones auto changing to DEFAULT tone in ICS, plz help me.

    Hi , I have Micromax A100 which has ICS OS. Problem is that when i set my customize tones for Ringtone, SMS, Notification, Whatsapp etc. After sometime it changes to boring stock tones. I dont understand how it changes back to default tone. I tried all d way to change but it works for 2-3...
  2. P

    Virgin Mobile

    Hi, I bought a Virgin Mobile. I get around 3 calls a day from them (recorded voice message) asking me to set some movie songs as ring tones, etc. Is there any way to stop them from doing this? Thanks.
  3. B

    FS: Nokia 1600

    NOKIA 1600 Features: Talking alarm and clock in your language. Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali *65,536 color screen Small and light, compact phone with stylish design 20-chord polyphonic ringing tones and MP3-grade sound tones Icon-based phonebook...
  4. mns.saraf

    ringtone directly to phone

    do any one know any site from where i can send directly ring tones to my phone for free.
  5. azzu

    Software Needed`

    hey mates got a 1600 cable want software to transfer MIDI tones to my nokia 1600
  6. qudra

    Help me out, in choosing new mobile phone?

    Hello. A very good day to all of u guyz. I need some help regarding purchasing new mobile phone. Well my budget is around Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 15,000. Well some of the features mandatory needed in the phone as: As per my style::: 1. A very good quality Camera with atleast 2MP with...
  7. D

    Mobile Sidewalk 10 Bonus Tones!

    I figured the persons could use phone in their pocket - looks like a good deal 10 Bonus Tones -Link Seems worthwhile if they will actually ship phone - anyone else done this before?
  8. S

    Nokia 6300

    Hello Friends, Finally today I seen Nokia 6300 in Mumbai mkt @12500/- officially Specs: Nokia India Site Nokia 6300 camera phone - Features Key features Compact modern design featuring sophisticated stainless-steel covers, glossy black finish, and rounded edges Catch and keep those...
  9. demoninside9

    dare to solve

    anybody knows that how to make new folder in nokia 1100 to keep msgs. n how to delete templates. n how to delete tones. i know ut is too tuff, but still if anybody knows so please tell me.
  10. S

    Airtel forced dialer tones (-Rs.30)

    i was having Rs.186 balance in the morning, now it is Rs.156. Airtel customer care has given reason that 30/- has been deducted towards Dialer tones monthly rental. i dont know how, nobody other ever touches my mobile. i never asked airtel to activate Dialer tones. they have sent me a...
  11. S

    is thr any setting to get maximum volume for mp3 ring tones in 3230 nokia..

    hi every1, how can i get a maximum volume for the mp3 ring tones in my nokia 3230 mobile. is that while converting to ogg play format i should go for the best quality-big sized file? i use dBpowerAMPP-OggVorbis-SSE2 , dBpowerAMP-OggVorbis-aoTuV, dMC-Mp3-MPEGSuite2000-Encoder-CLI for mp3 audio...
  12. N

    //SCKL polyphonic possible?

    is it possible to transfer poluphonic tones using SCKL codes in nokia handsets???
  13. maharajadhiraj


    which OS does k700i have? can it run series 60 games and support true tones?
  14. dreams

    Polyphonic Tones ???

    Hi all.. How are polyphonic tones made frm Film Songs.. any tuts for it.. TIA
  15. K

    Sharing Nokia Simple Ring tones !!

    * Hi ppl I am sharingyou My 20 simple ring tones in a simple ring tones . most of them are downloaded for 10 bucks each . any way i hope dat you pl toohve ring tones i welcome all to share your ring tones as i did. Donload my ring...
  16. tuXian

    Bollywood Actors Mimicry True Tones

    Hi! just purchased Nokia 6630. I remember one of my friends had ringtones asking to lift the mobile phone in mimicry voices of old and new bollywood actors. But unfortunately he is untraceble to me now. Even Googling didnt help. Yahoo India has micmicry tones but they are generic ones and dont...
  17. S

    how ring tones are made?

    sorry if post has been posted... i want to know how that ring tones are made ... are there any good freeware that can do it may be i will insert it with cable i have nokia,samsung(brother),amycall phone and how that key strokes(i mean those key codes) are generated.Any software or...
  18. M

    free new ringtones form nkia phones??????????

    hello.can anyone give mee new tones
  19. D

    nokia 3230 review..serious finds fun

    hey there 8) here's a phone that is designed to reflect the real in the is fashionably compactand powerful,the nokia 3230 is so versatile ,you can personilize it to suit your very need. i bought the phone a week back and was fascinated by its looks,i was told it was available in...
  20. D

    Need "4Channel" Polyphonics

    As most(& mine) NOKIA support 4-Channel polyphonics & most Poly tones on NET are Standard 16-Channel MIDI file, i need few HTTP sites which have 4-Channel Polyphonic Tones. Should be a HTTP site. Not WAP sites as I dont have WAP. Thanks.
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