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Broken In
Hi guys I have comeup with a problem related to JAVA
It is''
I used Kaspersky antivirus 6.0 and when i installed my UPS monitoring software Winpower availabe with iBall UPS, the antivirus software told me that there is a trojan in that application.

That application is completely build in JAVA.
So can u help me out why is this so?
Is JAVA secure or not?


java is a programming language and a technology, just like c++. Java is 100% secure. If kaspersky has reported it as trojan, then it must be a trojan! Its no surprise, a lotta windows apps and specially the ones from etc install with them trojans,malwares and other infections.
Its a headache. But remove those infections with the help of kasperky. The application shud work fine!
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