1. *GandaBerunda*

    help me!!! my vista is dying!!! :(

    guys, i was having a xp and vista dual boot setup (vista was lite version which had some componenets removed through nlite ), deciding to reinstall , i removed vista...then reinstalled xp....then installed vista. both the installations went perfectly. then i updated vista for the first...
  2. C

    KNOPPIX >> Why cant i get thro' the installation

    Hi all, I installed Knoppix on my system. Used this steps. - enter using live cd - press ctrl+alt+F2 - knx-hdinstall i did the formatting stuff and the files and then i rebooted but i could not get anything. i guess there was a problem with bootloader install. can anyone guide me how...
  3. D

    Win-98 Serious Problem

    hi there, now a days i am facing strange problem. i start my win-98 se it starts but goes to safe mode . if i will restart the same and if i try to start in normal mode it gets rebooted. please tel me what is wrong ? need u'r help urgently Chappan tikli.............................
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