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help me in oc x2 3800+

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Broken In
my pc configuration is
x2 3800+
asus a8n vm csm
1gb ram
i heard that x2 3800+ can oced to 2.4ghz using the fan provided by
the cpu.is it true?
is this board suitable for overclocking to that extent without using
any third party coolers?

help me


Wise Old Owl
never saw the bios .. so really don't have much idea about how much u can oc ..

Anyway ... here is a setting u can try :

CPU FSB : 300
CPU Multiplier : 8
HTT Multiplier : 3
RAM : 200 (forced to 133 initially)

So then u'll end up with a 2.4 GHz CPU without even OC'ing the RAM ...


Wise Old Owl
this is the best way of frying everything you have.

deathmevirus knows nothing about ocing, don't consider him.

all can't be oced to 2.4, some more some less

read oc guides for x2

your mobo is not meant for ocing, get a new one first

fsb:increase in increments of 5-10mhz and run super pi 1m test
htt*fsb:less than equal to 1000 at all times
cpu multiplier:10(default initially)
after you want to settle on a oc, run super pi 32m test
prime stress test 12-24hrs
memtest arounf 10hts
3d mark 06,01 especially
a few intensive games especially Oblivion

If all succeeds then you are fine

Also, if it doesn't boot, raise v core by the smallest possible increment
try not to go beyond 1.45, i don't know the max for stock cooling though, you are risking it

Keep temps in control, don't know for x2, but maybe 50-55 under full load of prime should be ok.

you are responsible for whatever you do, not me, and keep in mind ethically you void warranty unless you bring back everything to stock

if you really want to oc, change your motherbaord first

also, which power supply do you have?

any specific reason to oc?
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