1. saikiasunny

    Best CPU Coolers in India

    In this post I will tell you about the Best CPU Coolers in India available in various categories and budgets. The market is filled with CPU coolers ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 20000. But not all of them are worth your income..... So to help you in choosing the best CPU coolers in India, I...
  2. Cyberghost

    Intel Skylake CPUs are bending under the pressure of some coolers

    Some Intel Skylake CPUs are literally bending under the weight of heavy aftermarket CPU coolers. Or, more specifically, the pressure exerted by some coolers seems to be causing damage to Skylake chips. The likely culprit: Intel used a thinner wafer on Skylake CPUs than past chips. According to...
  3. S

    Cooler for Nvidia Quadro 4000 GPU?

    My Quadro is heating to 90- 95 degrees while I am rendering 3D. I need a special liquid cooler for QUadro 4000 Please suggest whether such coolers are available in India or not? with links.
  4. powerhoney

    Air cooler suggestion

    I live in a hostel and it gets bloody hot during the summer season... So, I was wondering if the air coolers that are available in the market are of any use in this kind of situation... Anyone with any experience of such air coolers??? Or, should I just buy a table fan... P.S.: I was thinking...
  5. Ironman

    Suggest a Good CPU Cooler (Budget) VFM for 4770k

    I have absolutely no idea about CPU Coolers until now i have use stock coolers please suggest which should i buy for a 4770k :wink:
  6. avinandan012

    How CPU coolers work

    Very detailed must read How CPU coolers work
  7. avinandan012

    welcome to liquid cooling by NZXT

    closed loop coolers by NZXT Release. The. Kraken.
  8. $ingh

    Svgtech AOC 120 DT Review

    Hi everyone , AOC 120 DT REVIEW 1) INTRODUCTION :- For a long time in Personal Computing i saw many companies trying to produce the best Air Coolers. From the last two years i am using Thermalright venom x rt .Although I have tested a few air coolers in between, none were able to...
  9. official

    Cpu coolers for 1155 and 1156 socket ASAp

    hey guys my bro just purchased i72600k and looking for cooling solution...for the same and my i5 750.. so i a good siggestion for cpu coolers...not too pricey though:) thanks in advance
  10. ashis_lakra

    Vapor-X not worth the extra price?

    Hi, I was reading some reviews on Vapor-X and v2 cooler of HD 5770. and found strange facts... :shock: Please have a look at it and comment on the coolers. **Contagion Review**Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon 5770 Cooler vs V2** - -
  11. G

    want to know more about cpu coolers

    well i know the importance of cpu cooling but dnt really no how coolers help nd if i need one or not. i dnt overclock rather i dnt know how to overclock i would if knew how to ... so i m begining wid da first step dat is to cool my pc ...plz help me decide wat cooler to buy nd my budget is not...
  12. annie_xtremegamer

    is zalman resserator available in india????

    hello friends anyone knows if zalman cpu coolers are available in india or not
  13. N

    Core Contact Freezer Query

    I am plannng to buy core contact freezer (sunbeamtech) for my new PC. Is it a good cooler than other coolers?
  14. J

    Laptop coolers

    how much better is a coolermaster cooler than a normal laptop cooler?
  15. Extreme Gamer

    hardware-where to buy in kolkata?

    Where can i buy these devices in Kolkata?List based on preference.tell me if something is unavailable. CPU coolers 1.Thermalright TRUE Black 120 2.Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme 3.Cooler Master V8 VGA Coolers 1.Thermalright HR-03 GT 2.Thermalright T-Rad2 RAM 1.OCZ Platinum Enhanced...
  16. H

    Please suggest VGA coolers for my SLI XFX 8600GT

    Can anyone suggest me a VGA cooler(i'll buy two pieces)for my XFX 8600GT SLI.I am doubtful as i think that XFX 8600GT deviate from nvidia reference design due to which some coolers might not fit on the card. I would appreciate help from all members. Please guys help me out.I want to order as...
  17. K

    VGA Coolers

    What VGA GPU coolers are available in market?? for nvidia card?? can some1 name some companies, models and pricing?
  18. R

    help me in oc x2 3800+

    my pc configuration is x2 3800+ asus a8n vm csm 1gb ram ............. i heard that x2 3800+ can oced to 2.4ghz using the fan provided by the it true? is this board suitable for overclocking to that extent without using any third party coolers? help me
  19. H

    Which Cabinet and CPU Cooler to go for.....

    Hi, I want to buy a cabinet and CPU cooler for my new AMD X2 3800+ PC with asus a8n-e mobo. ill be overclocking the processor from stock 2Ghz to 2.2Ghz or higher. My budget for the cabinet is max 2.5k, it should have a transparent side door. As for the cpu coolers I dont want to go for...
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