Help me here plz...with my going-to-be cellphone

Discussion in 'Mobiles and Tablets' started by Digitall Charisma, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. First things First ---
    S O R R Y
    Yeah thats right. Sorry with a capital S and ending with a capital Y. People like me who want to follow rules but cannot due to shortage of time. Plz forgive me mods if this thread is (although new) but already discussed.

    My Business :>>>>
    I want to buy a phone, cellphone that is. Thinking that Nokia has got a I-am-the-boss sort of an attitude and I want features with minimum price I have decided to go for SonyEricsson.

    My budget is strictly under 10K. Preferably within 6K - 7K[But can be increased slightly if the situation is highly demanding].

    Usage: As a normal cellphone and Good Organizer (can make that excellent organizer). Take GPRS as essential as well as connecting to PC via cable.
    Bluetooth, Infrared, Ability to support memory card, large internal phone memory, etc... will be highly appreciated.

    Previously had my eyes on K750i but probably it exceeds mt budget. What about K700i??
    Please reply guys
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    Jus have a try to
    Sony Ericson Z530i

    i suits all ur needs i think so

    it costs around rs.7200

    has every thing u want in a mobile
    -->VGA cam
    -->internal memory of 24MB
    -->Extendable memory upto 1Gb
    -->has gprs

    what all u want
    --> u need to buy pc cable seperately(around rs.350)
    --> u need to buy earphones separately(normal around rs.350 if goin for W-series earphones then rs.600)
    ------Please note that some ppl had freezing issues so please get it from a dealer-----

    jus hav a look at the followin link

    if u wanna know abt prices then hav a look at followin site

    if u have any queries pls post in same thread

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