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  1. M

    is it a hardware issue -Capital N not working

    in my toshiba laptop keyboard,I am not able to type capital "N" normally,except by pressing capslock,i.e only when caps lock is on.I have no problem with other letters. windows 7 is the os. the laptop is only less than one year old.
  2. bssunilreddy

    29th state of India Declared- Telangana

    Hai, Just now Mr.Digvijay Singh and Mr.Ajay Maken Declared that a new state will be carved out of Andhra Pradesh while Semadhra & Telangana will have Hyderabad as common capital for 10 years. Source: Telangana state endorsed by Congress Working Committee | NDTV.com
  3. xtremevicky

    Are the NCR cities ruining Delhi's image?

    Well Today I read about the rape incidents in Delhi and I wonder what is wrong with this city and the first thing that came in my mind was that the areas surrounding Delhi have a comparatively bad crowd ! What do you guys think ? What is the reason for our capital to be one of the most...

    Take a Look at a 26 Gigapixel Picture of Paris

    Paris 26 Gigapixels is a stitching of 2346 single photos showing a very high-resolution panoramic view of the French capital (354159x75570px). On the website http://www.paris-26-gigapixels.com you can visit Paris and see on a single image all famous monuments of the French capital. The Eiffel...
  5. sganesh

    Need Help in creating online quiz application using JSP

    Hi, i am creating online Quiz application using JSP and MySQl ,Apache 6 in Netbeans IDE. i am able to successfully display first question from database,and can say the answer is correct or not,,but i can't implement the program further ,in such way that when clicking next button ,new question...
  6. din

    Bangalore - IT Capital to Asthma capital

    Source 30 per cent of Bangalore's children suffer from asthma t has been called the IT capital of India. However it is not too long before Bangalore will become the Asthma capital of the country. Various studies conducted by organisations including the WHO and UNICEF show that over 30 per...
  7. S

    Civilization 4 problem

    I am finding civilization4 too difficult to play.Can any of you guys give me some guides.Also i find it very difficult to capture my enemy's capital city.Even a longbowman there seems to easily resist my high level cavalry.Is there something i have missed?Pls help.............
  8. D

    Help me here plz...with my going-to-be cellphone

    First things First --- S O R R Y Yeah thats right. Sorry with a capital S and ending with a capital Y. People like me who want to follow rules but cannot due to shortage of time. Plz forgive me mods if this thread is (although new) but already discussed. My Business :>>>> I want to buy a...
  9. N

    A Simple Matlab Query

    I made a function file in MATLAB 6.5 - compound.m as function [captial,interest] = compound(capital,years,rate,timescomp); % COMPOUND: function to compute the compounded capital and the interest % call syntax: % [capital,interest] = compound(capital,years,rate,timescomp); %...
  10. M

    is this true? about XP

    yesterday I found in an non IT portal that Naming convention of WINDOWS XP b'cos of =======>>> XP is not X and P . it is 2 greek alphabet x ( cai) and p ( rho) as most thought process is developed in Egypt's capital CAIRO . IS THIS TRUE??? OR JUST A DAMN FALSE??? :? :?:
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