Help me choose a better one. PSC or Ink-Jet Printer.

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Hi all techies,

Right now I need an Ink-Jet Printer which can print text and lines, which should be almost equivalent to Laser-Jet quality.

My Requirements:
  • 1. Print Text and Tables with minimum pictures at the quality equivalent to Laser-Jet.
    2. Cartridge cost should be low.
    3. I have some 30 to 50 photographs which needs to be scanned. May be I may not require scanner at all.
I spoke to a local dealer who has the following,

HP PSC: HP PSC 1315 for Rs. 4,500/- (Print, Scan & Copy)
(HP PSC 1315 all-in-one printer/scanner/copier - Print: up to 17 ppm black (up to 1200 x 1200 dpi), up to 12 ppm colour (up to 4800 x 1200-optimised dpi), up to 1,000 pages per month duty cycle; Scan: up to 19,200 dpi enhanced & up to 600 x 2400 dpi optical; Copy: up to 17 cpm black & up to 12 cpm colour, enlarge/reduce 50 to 400%; 1 USB port, 1 PictBridge interface)

HP Printer: HP 3745 for Rs. 2,800/- (Ink-Jet Printer)
(HP Deskjet 3745 Colour Inkjet Printer - prints up to 14 ppm black & 10 ppm colour; up to 1200 x 1200-rendered dpi black & up to 4800-optimised dpi colour; input tray - up to 80 sheets; output tray - up to 50 sheets; up to 500 pages per month duty cycle; USB)

HP Printer: HP 3845 for Rs. 3,800/- (Ink-Jet Printer)
(HP Deskjet 3845 Colour Inkjet Printer - prints up to 18 ppm black & 14 ppm colour; up to 1200 x 1200-rendered dpi black & up to 4800-optimised dpi colour; input tray - up to 100 sheets; output tray - up to 50 sheets; up to 1000 pages per month duty cycle; USB)

Which model should I go for?

The one thing I am confused here is that the PSC cost Rs. 4500/- and the Ink-Jet printer cost almost equivalent. Does this mean that PSC’s printout will be lower quality?. Also will the scan quality of PSC will be lower than that of a scanner?.

Previously I owned Canon BJC 255 SP(Ink-Jet Printer) and was satisfied with it.

Should I go for Canon or HP. Which is best?

If Canon is best then please suggest me some latest models under Rs. 4500/-[/b]


If you only need to scan 30-50 pics, I think it would be cheaper to borrow a scanner or use it at someone's place. You can post me the pics, I will scan and mail them back with CD ;)

As regards printer, I use Cannon pixma iP 1000 (recently bought), XNU i255 and SPX 100. All of them are working quite well. I have no complaints. Since you have used it and are satisfied with it, why not go for it once again?

Cannon printer recurring costs are far lower than HP printer recurring costs. HP catridges contain not only ink tanks but also print heads. That is why they are expensive. But Cannon ink tanks are purely ink tanks and print head comes separately. But you don't need to replace print head every now and then. So why pay for it when you don't need it?

I would suggest go for a Cannon inkjet printer and borrow a scanner. Which model to take depends on your requirements. Check out their DPI and PPM values and decide.


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Hmm.. Dono abt cannon.. But wid HP, u can use cheap inks and still make the most out of ur printer.. In Printers like EPSON, cheap inks dont work.. or atleast spoil the printer itself..

But as u said, the PSC sounds attractive to me.. Any1 knows its drawbacks>????

Can Tuxfan clarify this thing.. Even im luking to buy one..

:arrow: How compatible are Canon printers with Duplicate/Local inks..
:arrow: Costs (and if possible exact costs) of new cartridges of HP & Canon (both original & duplictae)


EPSON inkjets are the worst inkjets I have ever seen. They are simply pathetic. We had a very bad experience it.

As for Canon, last time I inquired for ink tanks, I was told that original set (one B&W, one colour) of ink tanks are available for under Rs. 1000. Thats far cheaper than HP which is around Rs. 2200 for a set of two. But then even quantity is somewhat less.

Secondly, we have been refilling canon cartridges for Rs. 50 and they work equally well. But then you risk your warranty when you use refilled cartridges in all printers. Our hardware guy recently told me that he will give us a refill kit for Canon ink tanks which will reduce the costs even further and refilling is very simple.

PSC (or MFD as they are usually called) are cost effective sometimes. But then if the scanner goes out or order and you send it for repairs, you have to live without all printing and faxing as well :shock: I really can't afford to that :)

Secondly, if only scanner goes out of order and printer is working, either you have to buy another scanner or pay more for another MFD. If they are all standalone equipments, they all work independantly. Too much integration at times is harmful.

I think on the same grounds, I would stay away from Combo drives as well. I would prefer to spend Rs. 200 more and go for a DVD-ROM and CD-Writer.
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