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    Wireless printer

    Any Printer 1. Hp Make 2. Wifi Supported 3. easly connected to Ipad 4. best PPM 5. Price 20k-40k 6. Colour Printer
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    HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One (Used in Good Condition)

    HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One (Used in Good Condition) The HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier series is designed for home users looking for a basic, easy-to-use all-in-one, one that offers great value for money plus a full set of print, scan and copy tools. Print, scan and...
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    Help me choose a better one. PSC or Ink-Jet Printer.

    Hi all techies, Right now I need an Ink-Jet Printer which can print text and lines, which should be almost equivalent to Laser-Jet quality. My Requirements: 1. Print Text and Tables with minimum pictures at the quality equivalent to Laser-Jet. 2. Cartridge cost should be low. 3. I have...
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