1. M

    HP Printer installation problem

    I have HP PSC 1402 All in one printer bought in 2006. It finely works on windows XP system. Recently I installed Windows 7 ultimate edition also.I installed latest drivers for HP PSC 1402. but, still its name does not appear in hardware list. what to do..?
  2. nileshgr

    Scanning in linux?

    i have FC-6; HP PSC 1400. How do i scan?
  3. nileshgr

    HP PSC 1410. Will it work on Linux?

    I have HP PSC 1410 Scan/Print/Copy. It worked in Linux 8.1 for Printing. Now will it work for scanning on FC-6?
  4. V

    error on reinstalling hp psc 1310 series printer

    I have a hp psc 1310 series printer. due to some software problems I uninstalled the drivers through "add or remove programme". I also deleted manually all related HP entries from the registry and Programme files. Now when I try to reinstall the drivers through the HP cd, the following error...
  5. RaghuKL

    hp psc 1315 prints test by itself

    my hp psc 1315 prints a test page every time its turned on:mad: . have already wasted lots of ink . can anybody give a soln. for this
  6. RaghuKL

    problem hp psc 1315

    the psc justs prints a test page whenever it is turned on :mad: there are no settings from this could happen. help!!!!!!!! Conspiracy theory : hp wants the ink to be used up quickly so that they get a new cartridge customer:confused: :confused: :confused:
  7. I

    Printer Problem- imported_dheeraj_kumar

    I use a HP PSC 1315 printer. the cost of the black cartridge is rs. 750. can someone a cheaper original cartrige which i can use?
  8. K

    Help me choose a better one. PSC or Ink-Jet Printer.

    Hi all techies, Right now I need an Ink-Jet Printer which can print text and lines, which should be almost equivalent to Laser-Jet quality. My Requirements: 1. Print Text and Tables with minimum pictures at the quality equivalent to Laser-Jet. 2. Cartridge cost should be low. 3. I have...
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