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Help in choosing LCD monitor + Tv tuner card..

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Hello friends,
I need your help in choosing LCD monitor + Tv tuner card.... Main purpose for viewing tv... So 22" monitor would be better... I would like to buy a higher end tv tuner card so that quality of pic is good... My budget for Tv tuner card is 5k and For lcd monitor is 15k....

Thanks in advance.....


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I think viewsonic will be gr8 as it comes with built-in speakers...so u can view TV without TV Tuner Card...


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if one can watch tv without a tv tuner card , and has inbuilt speakers, then why not sell the model as LCD TV at a higher price???


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afaik there is no 26 inch monitor in affordable range.
secondly the inbuilt speakers in viewsonic are not good enough to use much or always.
Though the monitors are good and have DVI port which is a plus.

Dell is compartively better. and same spec monitor is the one in 14,478 site price ~15K when tax is counted.


Do you know model number of 26" monitor with S-video support??

in viewsonic only one 28" model supports s-video all other models doesn't support S-video

this is the model vx2835

also from dell ultra sharp 2408 WFP (24")


and Dell UltraSharp 2709W (27")


hope this helps ...

if u want cheaper there are few models of LG which supports S-video and AV(composite) input ...
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