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Help? cant connect nokia 3100

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I have nokia 3100, a DKU-5 cable competable with 3100 when i connect one end of the cable to mobile a message pops up in mobile screen as data enhancement connected, but i cannot install it in my pc....

i have 1st installed DKU-5 cable drivers, and Nokia PC Suite, and also installed nokia modem drivers,,still i dont get my mobile recognised by my pc when i use get connected it stops where it says to connect the cable i also changed the connection type to dku 5 cable in the Manage connections still it wont get recognised so plz can any one tell me wats wrong??? i am fed of with the problem plz help

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
First Nokia 3100 doesnt hv Modem, so no need to install modem drivers.

And about the connection problem, goto Manage Connections, select Serial Cable (DKU-5, CA-42) and click on Configure button and select the right port in the drop-down list. (It should be like Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port).

It should work now.
And make sure no other mobile s/w is running in background by opening Task manager.

PS: PC Suite latest version 6.6 is gr8, it automatically detect the mobile phone in a few seconds...
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