hd7870 price in nehru place??


saze017 here...quite a go
hello ...
btp._do you guys know the current price of hd7870 in nehru place
at Flipkart the lowest price is 19k-20k for sapphire oc model
fyi I already have a hd6950 but its in my other rig and I'm buying a totally new here it is:
MOBO :ASRock z77 extreme4@10.6k
CPU: i5 2500k@11.7k
RAM:g.skill RIPJAWSX 8gb(2*4gb)@3k
case : cooler master elite 431@2.6K
psu: seasonic ECO600 600W 85%+ efficiency @4.3k
GPU : hd7870 (I was thinking of hd7850 but after hearing the price cuts I might go with hd7870)
display : LG 22" LCD 1920*1200p already have
help me guys!! if you have any other suggestions for the above rig, must tell


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HD 7870 for its price is a fine deal.
I have just one more suggestion, get the AsRock Z77 Extreme6 for 1.5k more.
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