HD6850 crossfire query

I'm planning to add another Hd6850 along with a TX750 v2.
But i have some questions regarding my upgrade.

1.My mobo Asus m4a785td v evo has two pci-e slot x16 & x4, so if i add another,will i be getting a performance boost or it will be crippled by the x4 lane.

2.Should i wait for the prices of hd6000 series cards to fall or just go ahead with the upgrade(planning to buy before christmas).

3.I'm also planning to oc both the cpu & gpu.
Will the tx750v2 be enough to power the whole system.

Crossfire users please advise.

Jaskanwar Singh

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1. yes you will gain performance. it wont be affected much by x16 x4.
2. you may be interested in waiting for HD7900 benches coming up on 22nd december.
3. yes it will.


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Its 4% to 10% lesser than X16-X16 setting in the most demanding games. Up to 1080P, the difference is around 2% to 6%.
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