1. A

    MOBO / PSU Issue: POwer llight glows on MOBO but it does not boot

    My ASUS Mobo is showing green light once the mains are ON. But when i hit the On button on the Cabinet, the MOBO does not boot. my config: MOBO-Asus M5A97R2.0 EVO, CPU-AMD 6300 3.5Ghz, RAM-GSkill 2x4Gb, PSU-Antech 550P V2 Initially i suspected my PSU, so i check it with Multimeter, for all...
  2. bubusam13

    having strange problem. Is my CPU failed ?

    Hi, my PC doesnot boot. It starts but no display no beep. Either hard disk LED glows or Power LED. CPU fan runs. I thaught it to me SMPS as I am having cheap PSU. So bought a Corsair 450w. (Athlon II x2 245) Connected new PSU. Now no LED glows. CPU fan rotates and instantly stops. Thaught it...
  3. Zangetsu

    Graphic Card Problem HD5770

    My Card is not working since yesterday when I boot PC the card LED (green) glows for 1min or less & then turns-off & Red LED glows but the fan of the card keeps spinning my rest of the components are working fine I can even hear the windows 7 boot sound.but my display is blank bcoz my mobo...
  4. N

    nothing happens after assembling pc

    hi I have connected the components myself after reading the manual. when I turn on power, nothing happens. NO BEEP PSU and CPU fan not glow of LED on keyboard too. ONL a small LED on mobo glows. indicates that supply is OK upto motherboard. what can be the issue? note I have...
  5. patkim

    Issue DVD RW Drive

    I have Samsung DVD RW Drive SH-S222A model. Now it only recognized DVDs, any CD/VCD media just fails to get loaded after inserting into the drive. Only karrrr karrrr sound and eventually no LED glows and silence thereafter. Tried at least 2 - 3 different CD/VCD and same result.
  6. rahul_jaiswal31

    portable harddisk or **ck disk

    hi guys. this problem will make me die. i am using a portable harddisk 1st time. when i connect it via usb, only the light in d hd glows up. there is no drive letter or anything else that shows hd is connected. please help me in this situation while the dealer doesn't know anything
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