1. BBThumbHealer

    Has my Mobile service been compromised ?

    Hello Digit'ians, Want to get your views on something strange that has happened as with me. I wasn't having any facebook account but lately around 4-5 days, i've been receiving text msgs from that official facebook no. 51555 that xyz, mnp etc. accepted your friend request. Curiously, i then...
  2. mohityadavx

    Play Store Account Remove only credit card linked

    Hey! I want to make a developer account at the plays store. Since debit cards don't work I intend to use a credit card of a relative. So my question is since the credit card is linked to the account can this card be removed after making the payment? Keeping that in mind the account will have...
  3. ParaXite

    [NEED HELP] After-Root Android HTC Explorer

    Hello! I just rooted my htc explorer. I am new to android devices and have no clue what to do next. I have made a fat32 partition and installed link2sd and linked apps, removed bloatware etc. I wanted to know a few things: 1. What are ROMS? How to install them? 2. What can I do after...
  4. Z

    detecting a loop in a linked list

    hey can someone tell me how to find a loop in a linked list....ive searched a lot on google.i found the famous floyed`s algorithm but what i dont understand is that how can this algorithm if the length of the loop is bigger than 4 in what if a have a linked list that goes on like...
  5. Rajneesh

    How to check- who has added my Youtube videos on Orkut Video

    I have uploaded videos on my YouTube Account/Chanel Is there any way to know - Who has added my videos on Orkut (Videos) or is there any way to know where my videos are linked?
  6. Cyrus_the_virus

    Urgent HTML help needed!!

    Hi All, I have been faced with a unique problem while i was creating a website. I have html and php pages. The problem is I have few pages which shouldn't be directly accessed. For eg: Page1, Page2 and Page3 Now, I do not want anyone to access Page2, and Page3 directly. Page2 should be...
  7. Ecko

    A Simple C Question

    We'll a very simple C question here related with data structures I want to know if Binary Search can be done in Linked List :confused: An explanation will be highly appreciated :D:D
  8. naveen_reloaded

    Speculation: PlayStation 4 Hardware, Security, Release Dates

    Over the last two months numerous articles on the PlayStation 4 have surfaced ranging from PS4 Cell Architecture to PS4 Spec Info, and even an article on simply Ignoring PS4 Rumors. Today, eDepot (linked above) has done some PS4 speculating of their own, covering numerous aspects including PS4...

    HELP:Assignment in linked list

    we have an assignment to create a question bank with 7 multiple choice questions 3 descriptive questions 5 programs we have to create questions from linked lists we have studied single linked list and doubly linked list in C pls anybody help me or give some good sites to find...
  10. bajaj151

    blog !!!

    I made d blog..on I want to to add "read more" so that...I just give a demo of information on main page....and...full information on linked page...
  11. Third Eye

    Best Skins of 2006 (WindowBlinds,Winamp,XP MSStyles)

    Click to View
  12. G

    How to open IE 6 in new window ..

    Suddenly the Internet Explorer 6 that I am using is not opening new windows. That is, when I click on a hyperlink in a web page, instead of opening the linked page in a new window, it opens in the same window. How to make it open in the new window always ? What set up to change
  13. T

    Windows media player VIRUS!

    Can this be true? :o my wmplayer.exe files got affected by a virus kind of thing.I dont know from where i got this thing but it started bringing up some start up program called "xpsystems" it linked up some programs (.exe) from some (i think porn) websites. It got executed when i...
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