hard disk problem!!! help

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hello everybody
im having a p4 2.4ghz, 512ddr, 865gbr motherboard and two 7200 rpm 40 gb hard disks.
both having operating system separately.
now my problem is that after making one hdd master and another slave through jumper setting, sometimes my pc detect the OS of slave hdd.
why this happens? is my master hdd having problem.
NOTE: both OS are installed separately on different hdd.

and the other problem im having is that my task manager has been disabled., i dont knw how. now i cant open it. how it can be enable coz it says that "task manager has been disabled by the administrator"

plz reply, thnx


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Go to BIOS/SETUP/CMOS and give the first boot device as HDD-0 or Make sure that your Bios settings are Correctly configured so as to boot the master Hard Disk...


yes after configuring the master hdd as hdd-0 and this as the first boot device, set all other boot devices to "none" and if there is an option called boot other device, set this to off. i think this should do it.


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still the problem persist

i did that but the problem is still there
according to me i think, is there any problem with initial sector of the hdd coz it shows both the hdd with the OS of the slave hdd showing. OR
is the life of my hdd over


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Try removing the slave hdd. Then check whether it boots properly. If yes then, try again by connecting the 2nd hdd as slave. If the problem persists ur bios may have difficulties to run two drives from a single cable. (Make sure ur jumper settings are correct. Otherwise set the jumper to cable select. You can enter the bios to see whether the hdds are detected correctly.) so just connect the 2nd hard drive with a new cable.


The problem could happen if the Master drive has a problem with a slow spin up to full speed on boot. The Master drive must not be reaching full RPM by the time the system is ready to boot so the boot takes place from the second drive.

Some BIOS hve a slow boot option check if this is present in you boards BIOS and switch this on and see if the problem goes away. Now that Winter is around the corner if this a problem of slow HDD spin up then it may get worse when the drives get colder with winter.
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