1. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Gujarat CM Narendra Modi Launches State Wide WiFI Services in Association with Reliance Jio

    Gujarat, chief minister Narendra Modi today launched e-nagar project and made eight localities of Ahmedabad city WiFi enabled under the Government ‘Digital Gujarat’ scheme in association with Pan India 4G operator Reliance Jio. Presently WiFi service is Free for 3 months and available in 8...
  2. lakeport

    Is Gujarat really as developed as NaMo and the BJP claim?

    I live in UP, which is an extremely poor and backward place. However i am really curious about Gujarat, ever since i've heard of the claims made by Narendra Modi and the BJP. So tell me people from Gujarat or people who've been there, what is Gujarat like? Are there broken roads there? Do you...
  3. R

    Need a good 3g connection for laptop

    Hi, I need a good prepaid/postpaid connection (datacard/dongle) to use with my laptop. I live in Gujarat but will be travelling to other states (potentially). However, I will be in Gujarat most of the time (about 70-80%) What I want is, good connectivity across major towns and atleast 1.5...
  4. funskar

    PappuPedia - We indulge in scams because we need money for Pappu’s brain transplant

    Pappu Gyaan "Politics is everywhere, it's in your shirt, it's in your pants" "Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom" "India is bigger than Europe and United States put together" "Poverty is a State of Mind, if you have confidence, you will overcome it" "Agar desh ko badlna hai, toh pahle...
  5. W

    Gujarat leads in e-transactions of public service

    e-public of Gujarat leads India Gujarat accounts for over 25% of all e-transactions recorded in India from January 1 to July 26 this year, according to 'eTaal', a central government web portal that disseminates e-transaction statistics. From land record registration to registering a new...
  6. roypurohit

    Gujarat to cover Narmada canals with solar panels...!

    Close on heels of commencing use of wastelands in northern districts and rooftops in towns and cities, Gujarat is set to potentially use the existing 19,000 km-long network of Narmada canals across the State for setting up solar panels to generate power. The Chief Minister, Mr Narendra Modi...
  7. dalbir

    Narender Modi at SRCC

    Mr. Narender Modi today delivered a speech at SRCC. Youngsters were dying to get in there somehow. The speech was a good one and only on the topic with the development model of gujarat. Shri Narendra Modi addressing students at SRCC Business Conclave, Delhi - YouTube
  8. B


    need AGP Card. Help me out. i am living in Surat, Gujarat. i am going to Mumbai(Borivalli West). anybody know where can i get it from there?
  9. Pat

    Yet Another blast in Gujarat

    * Can you believe it ? Is it some kind of joke ? :mad:
  10. vivekrules

    Cant Fine Gujarat HSC GUJ QUESTION PAPERS ?

    Hey i am Searching a Question papers of HSC GUJARAT BOARD of CHemistry , Maths and Physics.... Is Any Know Where Can I Get The Question Papers... Thx in Advance !
  11. gaurav_indian

    Gujarat riots a genocide; Modi sanctioned it: Tehelka

    Gujarat riots a genocide; Modi sanctioned it: Tehelka * And its on Aaj Tak right now.This is really unbelievable.:mad:
  12. nik_for_you

    mumbai hutch sucks!!

    Hi guys , hi have trasfered from gujarat to mumbai now. in gujarat i had hutch connection and here also i have hutch.. but service in gijarat is far better then mumbai.. at there very good offers keep coming like night calling , sms offer while here ther is no such offers !!! and cuctomer care...
  13. D

    gujarati fonts for 6630

    Hi. I want to use my mobile to browse gujarati website. I use NOKIA 6630. So please guide how can i browse Gujarat Samachar web. Thanks.
  14. chesss

    Huge INDIA update for Google Earth - A lil update

    hey Didn't anyone notice? In the last google eaarth databse update 10+ cities have been added to high resolution.!! Which means if live in one of those cities you have a great time!!. Also I notice my Home in Delhi has got an even higher resolution!! and generally the images are brighter and...
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