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Graphic card query


Right off the assembly line
Please suggest which graphic card i should buy to run far cry 2 on this pc-
Core 2 duo(2.93 ghz) ,
2 gb ddr 2 ram ,
a motherboard supporting pixel shader v 1.1 .

My budget is <5k.


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under 5k,Radeon HD 5670 1 GB GDDR5 is the best card you can get.

otherwise,add bit more to your budget and go with HD 6670 for Rs.5200.


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A little correction here. If your choice is HD 5670 then get the 512 MB GDDR5 version which is available at a less than 4K price point. The reason being that is there is no real world performance difference between the 1 GB and the 512 MB model. Check online store Theitwares where the Sapphire HD 5670 512 MB GDDR5 is available at 3.9K.

But if you can extend your budget a little then HD 6670 1 GB GDDR5 is the best option. Get the MSI or Sapphire version..available around 5.2K to 5.4K.


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But before buying a gfx card it would be better if Op can tell us what PSu he has - it's necessary to have a good psu for a good gfx card ;-)
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