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GPU + PSU + HDD for 15k


Broken In
Hey guys,

My friend owns a PC with the following spec:

Core2Duo E4500 2.2 GHz,
Intel 945 GCNL motherboard,
2 GB 667 MHz RAM,
160 GB HDD
400 W PSU.

Due to his mobo limitation, he cannot increase his RAM. Given that, he wants to get a new GPU, HDD and an appropriate PSU. He will be ordering all 3 in flipkart.

For the HDD, I have chosen WD Caviar Green 1 TB because this is the only one I can find with a 2 year warranty. But I don't know how good is the performance as WD does not disclose the spin speed :-?

GPU: Which one is better? MSI AMD/ATI R6770-MD1GD5 1 GB GDDR5 or Sapphire AMD/ATI HD 7750 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card Which is better in terms of performance and after sales service. Also, given that his RAM is just 2 GB, I dont want to get something that would be bottlenecked.

Please suggest a good PSU also.

It would be nice if you can give me the flipkart link.

Thanks in advance :-D


Wise Old Owl
Corsair cx430 v2 @ 2.4k
seagate 500 gb hdd @ 4k
his hd 6850 1 gb gddr5 @ 9k
msi cyclone hd 6850 1 gb gddr5 @ 8.7k .
TOTAL @ 15.7K OR 15.1K


laborare est orare
Manickaraj, I think your PSU is a local one, probably from Frontech/Intex etc. Please confirm.
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