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  1. Nipun

    Anti Lock Braking System(ABS) to be compulsory for all commercial vehicles.

    A great move, I must say. Will surely help in bringing down the number of accidents. Let's just hope the quality of ABS on these vehicles. :P *Sorry for the adfly link. Standard link here.
  2. A

    Cheapest phone having support for CalDav and CardDav protocol

    Hi I had earlier posted this accidently on mobile and tablet section and not on the Buying Advice section. Request Boarders to share their view... I am looking for a basic phone. Having a good battery life (on standby, calling and 2G sync). My requirements are : - GSM/EDGE (do not mind...
  3. V

    Headphones @ 2k

    Hey, Looking for good headphones at 2k - 2.5k for watching movies/ TV shows on PC. Preferably with volume control on it and a single wire, but not mandatory. It would be comfortable if they do. Thanks. :)
  4. crazylamhe

    Need help in choosing Laptop

    Hey dre guyz ! I want to buy a Laptop which can turn some eyes around. My budget is around 60k. Basically I want to do casual gaming and some programming(C, JAVA, .NET etc). Frankly, I want to make it catch attention coz my college hosts gaming events(games lyk CS, NFSMW etc) where I want to get...
  5. J

    Antivirus for Android

    Hi, I have Samsung Galaxy. Whether antivirus is mandatory for it? If yes, which is the best one?
  6. A

    which two phones?

    I have an total budget of 17k for two phones. Criteria for first phone- Should be an android touchscreen phones with 3g, gps and Wi-Fi, a physical QWERTY keyboard (useful but to mandatory) My Considerations- Samsung Galaxy 551 LG Optimus One Spice mi310 Second Phone- Should be...
  7. B

    Good phone under 20k

    Kindly suggest me a smartphone with best multimedia capability under 20k. Mandatory Requirements and Preferences 1. Capacitative Touch screen 2 3G 3. Large Screen - 3'' to 4'' 4. GPS - View and Download maps. 5. Camera - With Flash and video recording. 6. FM,Java,Wifi,USB and...
  8. hluachawngthu

    Is reset phone mandatory after up-dated?

    I am using Nokia 5800XM and I do up-dated from firmware version v40 to v50.0.005 recently. Is resetting of phone mandatory after updating firmware?
  9. mahesh

    Mobile Under 4k with fm and expandable memory slot

    hi all, i would like to buy a mobile phone under 4k. the phone must have mp3 player and good sound quality. and also it can be conected to a pc via usb. blue tooth also must be there. camera is not mandatory. plz advice....
  10. K

    Cheapest SMS to India.

    I'm tired of getting shouted at by my parents for draining the balance from our mobile. Is there a cheaper online service to send SMS to Indian numbers, than from cell phones? Skype charges more than what Airtel charges. And those who offer free SMS either put ADs or make it mandatory for...
  11. saurabh.sauron

    Mandatory piracy chec with Office 2003 onwards

    Microsoft on Friday made an anti-piracy check by Microsoft Office XP and 2003 mandatory for users of most versions of the application suite, the company said. ADVERTISEMENT The news comes on the heels of Microsoft's controversial announcement earlier this month to add more anti-piracy checks...
  12. H

    best NON-camera mobile ???????????

    soon to buy a mobile but without camera , I want a lot of memory { maybe with explansion slot }, I want to listen good music ( FM not mandatory ) , I want features and above else SUPERB VOICE QUALITY...................so whixh mobile ( GSM ) I should go for ?
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