Geforce 7300 GS out now

Discussion in 'Hardware Q&A' started by gxsaurav, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. gxsaurav

    gxsaurav Guest

    Nvidia today launched the all new Geforce 7300GS for the mainstream market, for the Sub-$ 100 market, which is something atleast India looks forward to as the market of Sub Rs 5k is the maximum market share

    The geforce 7300 GS has 64 bit memory path & only for PCI-E which is kinda bad, but since 7800GS is coming out, it's good already

    Clock speed is set to be 550 MHz & Memory speed 1 GHz, depending on the manufacturar u might also see , added turbocache features

    Now, atleast i m looking forward to the 7600 series launch
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    guess its gonna be better than the 6600 huh? I was right in waiting for a 7xxx series card...
  3. OP

    gxsaurav Guest

    no way it's gonna be better then 6600, even non ultra, that has more pixel pushing power then 7300GS, this is better then only a 6200 series card, & 6600LE, as i said it is released in the Sub-5K market

    better go for 6600 if u can, as both 7300 & 6600 support same features, hardly much difference in games, while performance will be less then 6600 series due to 64 bit memory path, even the purevideo engine is same

    for those who are buying new card, for the first time or, wanna upgrade from FX5200 this is a good option, stick to Geforce 6200 if u already have one
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