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I have purchased a new computer system(actually I will receive it tomorrow) with AMD Athlon II x4, 4GB RAM and Sapphire HD 6850.
I guess most(READ: all) of the games will run on the PC, but I was thinking which games will I have? This is what I currently have on the list:
  • GTA IV
  • Crysis 2
  • Assasin's Creed
  • Age of Empires 3
  • Dirt 2/3

So I was asking that did I miss any games that I should try? Please suggest me some more games so that I get a "money vasool" :p :grin:

I usually like only Strategy games like Age of Empires, tycoon games and games like GTA 4, but my cousin suggested Crysis and Assassin's creed too. Whats actually in these games, just randomly killing people to complete some mission? :))
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Play Dirt 3 and Gta 4 and also GTA Episodes from Liberty City.

Crysis 2, also.

Don't buy Assassins Creed. U should go for Assasssins creed Brotherhood(enjoyable MP)(but u wont understand the Single Player Campaign, if you haven't yet played the previous 2 parts).


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Guys dont u all think there should be a thread for "Must Play games..highly recommended by Digit users"

coz I see a lot of thread asking for good games???


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have you played
1 singularity 2 nicro vision 3 resident evil 5 4 battle field bad company 2 bad boys
play all these single player mind blowing games and vasool you paisa



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I love Bulletstorm and Mafia II

try those

And of course GTA 4 ( Please Do the update or ur PC is gonna Sink )
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