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Full Function 'Zoho Writer' Released

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One more application with online-offline functionality!

Zoho, the online office software company, has released its fully functional offline word processor named "Zoho Writer".

"Zoho Writer" enables users to save- and work on- a document in offline mode. Once completely edited, users can then go back online and sync the changes to the same document.

To switch between the offline and online mode, users can simply hit the "Go Offline" button at the top, and to get back Internet access, they can hit "Go Online".

The application is very similar to 'Google Docs', which allows users work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without using the Internet.

Earlier on, Zoho had released the same service, but with partial functionality, which allowed users to read documents but not edit.

The new version "Zoho Writer" uses 'Google Gears', an open-source project that allows all Web applications to work offline. Users have to download the beta version of 'Google Gears' to enjoy all functions.

The fully functional "Zoho Writer" works on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.



Using the service for a while and its the fastest of all online office suites. But offline feature with google gear not working
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