1. Anorion

    You Have to Win the Game Downloads in link for Window, Mac and Linux, also on Steam made short video of interesting bits. the gameplay is really frustrating. a8u62jXPZZ8 It's a platformer, that looks like the original prince of persia or dave. The...
  2. W

    from those in mumbai/around:need some info for an urgent matter

    i have got a chance to get a govt job in belapur commissionerate,mumbai zone-II/belapur,navi mumbai.the salary is not much(~19000) but very less working hours.i want to know is it possible to live a decent life with this much salary in this area(i mean a decent 1 room rented accommodation in...
  3. F

    Wireless Router(s) for BSNL Boradband for two storey building

    Ground floor : three rooms (L-shape) (3 laptops,4 mobile phone) First floor : three rooms (L-shape) (6 laptop, 7 mobile phone) Total : 11 partners Usage : Internet Surfing My plan : ADSL router for first floor(more devices) and connect this router to simple router(less devices) on...
  4. debarshi

    Using Spare Dlink router as repeater

    Hello I use my ASUS RT-N12LX for connecting my wireless devices to internet. But signal in some rooms are really low, and I have a spare Dlink DIR-524 lying around. Can I use the spare router as a repeater to compensate for the low signal in some rooms, if so, how, because I just cant...
  5. K

    TV as wireless monitor of laptop

    I have Dell inspiron 9300 Laptop and 40" Sony Bravia EX 520 LED TV. I want to use TV as wireless monitor of my laptop (Laptop & TV in different rooms). What hardware and or software are required to achieve this?
  6. S

    WiFi throughout my home?

    hi, i have a problem whose solution i am looking for since a very long time. now i need a solution urgently, so please help :) there are two rooms in my house, about 50 feet apart, and i need internet connectivity in both of them. currently my wifi modem is in one of the rooms, and i...
  7. dharmil007

    to buy WiFi Routers

    i Want to buy a WiFi Router the Budget under 2000RS. Any Compnay i dont have any specific company in mind So can anyone pls suggest me a good WiFI router, & the range should be as maximum as possbile. i Have 4 rooms, so the range should be good enough so that it can cover all teh 4...
  8. dubey.vibhu

    Signal loss due to splitters if cable wire is used

    Hi, Is there any signal loss(clarity wise)if I use a "splitter" to watch cable TV on my two Tv sets in different rooms.. Moreover just like Tata Sky , can I only see a same channels in both TV sets.. Thanks.
  9. H

    The digit IRC

    Hey all guys, has the digit unofficial IRC server break down? i tried to login and the freenode srever shows no rooms still, get to join the room but no one online! no rooms also..... What is this?:(:(:(:(:(
  10. R

    Get on the Adobe Reader 9 Beta

    The new version of Reader is going to have some very cool stuff:cool::cool:. They’ve optimized it a lot so the startup time is much, much improved and they’ve started incorporating Flash so that you can do all kinds of cool things right inside of your PDF. If you were at MAX you probably saw it...
  11. esumitkumar

    prob in yahoo msgr rooms

    i had dloaded latest version of yahoo msgr india os is win 2000 sp4 but when i go to yahoo rooms following prob comes ..plz help
  12. M

    yahoo messenger banned, what to do???

    hi guys, in my office yahoo messenger is banned, is there any other way to log into yahoo chat rooms for chatting with friends, i have tried, but it doesnt allow me to chat in rooms,
  13. N

    Copy Pasting on Yahoo Rooms

    hi guys, how do i copy paste paragraphs on yahoo game rooms? please help
  14. T

    Hidden rooms in Yahoo messenger.

    I saw it a few days back. Go to yahoo messenger ( might not work on multi-email clients ), go to Regional->India->any room. Now after entering the room, type "/join bhubaneshwar:1" without the quotes in the public message writting area. Press enter. This will take you to a hidden room of...
  15. S


  16. Charley

    Help on creating and designing a FORUM

    I'd like to setup a FORUM with 3 main rooms in it like Music, Technology, etc. They should have differents[preferable]/same skins for each main room. Then these main rooms will have subcategories for each room and I mean a lot of sub rooms. Then I need to install a CHAT option for the FORUM...
  17. Charley

    Yahoo - User Room Option Disabled.

    How do I view the Yahoo msgr, user rooms .... I get only the yahoo rooms. On clicking user rooms, it empty........ :? cheers xxx
  18. Vishal Gupta

    Yahoo! 7 BETA problem, Doesnt display User Rooms List

    Guys! I wanted to know one thing! When i click on Join a chat room in my Yahoo! 7 BETA, it shows Yahoo! Rooms properly, but if I try to open User Rooms, it displays processing, like Getting roomlist for....., but nothing happens? no room is displayed. Is any1 also facing same problem? Is...
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