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Free video lectures on DVD (well, almost)


Trying to put a 2MBps unlimited connection to good use...

I am sure most, if not all, of you have been to freevideolectures.com. If not, it is a site that has links to all/many free video lectures available on the net. All students of science, engineering, maths etc have a lot to gain by watching these videos, especially since these are from the worlds best institutes - MIT, Stanford, IIT, IISc etc - which means it would be better than the fare available in most colleges.

I plan to offer a free download service. You provide the URLs and I download and ship the DVDs to you. You will pay for the DVDs at Rs. 20/DVD and shipping at actuals.

Ideally, I would hope that all those who have similar connections chip in, and we can have "hubs" all over the country so that the DVDs do not have to undertake a long journey to the buyer which could damage them.

Ideally, I would also hope that those who do order the DVDs take care of local demand - make copies for the needy who are close by without having to approach the nearest "hub".

Ideally, I would also hope that all those in the science stream end up understanding their subjects better due to the videos, and end up as better scientists/engineers/doctors etc.

Just post here with a list of URLs you need downloaded, and I'll get back to you.
Ideally, I would also hope that those who gave up on science and maths because of lousy instructors in school, take a look at these lectures and make a fresh start.

Ideally, I would also hope that this thread be made a sticky, till the last person in need of these DVDs gets them.
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