Foxconn deliberately sabotaging their BIOS to destroy Linux

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Well, they are not creating a problem for Linux users, they are creating a BIG problem for themselves.

Who will buy a motherboard which is stated as ACPI comlpliant whereas in reality it isn't. The law will take care of Foxconn :x


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Issue is this:

If Foxconn advertises that the board is "Windows compliant", there's nothing wrong in what they've done.

If Foxconn advertises that the board is "ACPI compliant", then they are wrong and are liable to be sued.

Thats it.. matter ends..


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And no one is faulting them for NOT providing a table for linux, they are at fault for giving a DEFECTIVE table. No table at all would be a better option if they really do not want to support linux.
And I did not know that they are an OEM motherboard manufacturer :(
Now I have to be careful


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WOW! its amazing how fanboyish some ppl are. :roll:
Ontopic: I have had a very similar problem.
Got a so-called vista laptop , that was crippled to such an extent that it even won't run xp properly :shock:. And I am not talking abt drivers issue. It was a downright bios issue.


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If anyone didn't notice Foxconn has already owned up and is working to fix the problems.

If it is something illegal, then sue them. Which I am quite amazed and surprised that no one has done yet. But, if your argument is based on the the pretext of being "un-ethical" according to some FOSS supporters & communities, then Foxconn is justified as rubbishing this as a rant.

Its when they filed a complaint with the FTC did Foxconn get off its rear. Multiple personnel have responded to the issue and are working on a fix to make sure the board is ACPI compliant.

Hi Ryan

Thank you for all the information so far...

When you reported to foxconn did you email or use the website, sorry working out who give the bad answer to you and stop stuff like this from happening again.

On Monday, I will be sending a email to the bios team about this and having it fixed as well.

Time for me to read the acpi spec again last time I looked was over 4 years ago

Ouch going to be fun again lol

Anyway thanks again,

Kind Regards
Carl Brunning

Technical Manager for UK and Ireland
Foxconn CSDEU B.V (UK)

Enough said.


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Yes I did visit that guy's blog after reading the case. I was waiting to see how many actually bothered to visit the source and bring up the fact that Foxconn is resolving the issue. BTW, that guy is an uncultured idiot.
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