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sudden change from red to the new one is pretty difficult to adjust.. but yeah, its more easy on eyes then the red one :p


Legen-wait for it-dary!
Its still red. Just not bleeding red, like previous. More like dried bleeding red. I'm going all emo, huh? Thanks Digit Forum.


Beyond Smart
^^ Yea I have been following all the developments and I believe Asus is going OTT with announcing a new model every 2 months :p Wind looks like a very good option especially with the 10 inch screen! Have to wait to see how Dell Mini Inspiron turns out to be..Lots of competition in this segment now! But I am yet to explore the full potential of EEE! Staying away from home means less time for all these things as most of the times if you are not working, you are either cooking,washing,cleaning etc. :p
Well, you all ppl, i am quite on this matter, as suggested by a MODERATOR i am using a custom css which is black and white.... Thanks to Dreamweaver (now don't ask me wether it is original or pirated)
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