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Hey friends...recentley I download software named folder lock.BUt I used it to lock folder but as I want to open that folder Again...This software cant open it...and I tried DOs prompt to open it but it says "accesss denied". After then I removedmy HDD and connet it to other machine, but there also it says "access denied"..............What can I do to open that there any way...PLZ Help me....

THanx in Advance guyz.....


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r u sure that u r specifying the right password!!!!!!................may u hav mistyped ur passwd...............anyway...........i'm not sure but u can try data recovering softwares..........or google it till other members reply...................


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As you says that you had downloaded that software i think the software is trial version
so after some time of using that software (see help file of that software ) all locked files will be open.

other tricks are not worked, copy the locked folder(if locked folder is in the 'c' drive and 'c' drive contain your Operating system) to the another drive, And format c drive. your folder will be open in newly installed os.


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If it is the application created by "assassisn001"...then

Browse your folder..useing Firefox. It will show the contents...copy, then (save as) to another location. Delete the locked folder.


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None of this works, I was just checking out the trial and its hell secure - the folder literally disappears from the drive, I think they use ADS with encryption - its practiacally impossible to even see the folder. You password is your best bet mate.

Nothing will work - and a format means all data is lost. No way to copy the damn thing either - if you brought a full version, the register key also works as a master password - you can try that.


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go and delete the files manually of the folder lock there are two files in the windows folder and one in the system32 folder first rename them and then restart ur system then go there and delete those files and then scandisk ur drive

task complete L:)


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ok here is the way

download PC INSPECTOR and make a search in the drive where the folder belong's to

you will see that folder in it and just click on restore it will be back



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Have you tried searching around?

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