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First University to Offer Animation Degree in Country

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Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) has become the first accredited institute in the country to offer a degree course in animation.

The university recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy, Bangalore, for a three-year BSc degree in the field of animation.
The joint programme facilitating the BSc degree in animation will be offered through the KSOU-approved study centres across the country.

To start with, the degree programme will be launched in August 2006 in three colleges: NITTE Education Trust, NITTE Institute of Technology, Bangalore; Thakur College, Kandivli Mumbai; and H L Sonawane College, Kalyan Maharashtra. All three educational institutes are already approved study centres.

The course curriculum covers foundation art, classical animation, production process, digital techniques and creative ideation. The programme structure is academically and professionally streamlined to put the student on a growth path through the semesters.

Toonskool Private Limited, set up in Bangalore in 2004, is an advanced animation academy imparting courses in animation


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At last some one has taken the initiative. I feel there is lot of talent in india for animation, only thing is resource and proper guidance. This is a very important move. I hope other universities follow .


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Finally, We are going to see some high quality talent emerge from that sector in our own country...

Much more "Hanuman"s to be produced in the future... That can only mean good news
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