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ummm...dude first of all the speed ur mentioning is the speed at which ur NIC (Lan card) can transmit to a compatible NIC the acctual speed u must me having depends on the net conn u 2mbps for mtnl(also depends on ur plan) and after that the speed furtherdrops tell which ISP u have and ur plan ..then sm one can give u an estimate....

NEWAYS fr me its a 6/5 for utorrent......i get 300-375 KBPS on my MTNL :mrgreen:


Friends, I'm using U torrent and I have 128 Kbps speed. Can someone give me ideal settings for the same? I get and average speed of 10 Kbps and speed not more than 15-16 Kbps. Its very rare to get speed of over 15 Kbps.


aka. ViKiD?
dude...using torrents on a lan network will give u a max speed of 10-12 kbps....(since the ports cant be forwarded).....and about getting max speed of 15-16kBps ....128kbps/8====16kBps thts the max peed ur conn more queries pop em here :D


lemme clear dis "KB" n "kb" stuff...dont mix 'em both..
1 Byte = 8 Bits.. so, 1KB = 8 kb..
now, when anyone of u has a speed of , say, 128 kbps, it equals to 128/8 which = 16 KBps. get that? so, naturally, ur download speed will be 16KBps average or below dat.. it'll be same as 128kbps. its like measurin in cms n mts ...o


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Guys Please let me know which with torrent downloader we can do scheduled download which will automatically start on 2 am and stop on 8 am :p


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i have used bittorrent and auzeruas , i dont like that auzerues thrash, bittorrent gives me 150-160 kbs speed for good health torrents.

and your downloading speed also depend on some factors like seeds and peers ratio try searching tutorials on google.

hey gursimram guess you have dataone 500 plan , hahaa , i also want that sheduled thing..


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uTorrent is a good 1 .......

bt simple rule : more u share MORE speed u get ........

so SHARE more .......


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i have a DSL 8kbps airtel connection... i use uTorrent and get 64Kbps download speed....
but since two days due to glitch i have been getting 400 kbps and uTorrent is downloading at 380 - 395 kbps....

so basically uTorrent is my choice... but as in any scenario, you need PROPER settings!

i have utorrent downloaded but by chance my download of btorrent file started on Ares p2p i have 128Kbps plan from Bharti Airtel by which maximum download speed i get is 16-17 KBps . but u say u get 64 kbps speed... wow....
i have almost completed 1600 mb of the download.... on Ares.... is there any way so i can continue download from utorrent/..... if i can get the speed... am downloading this 4gb file since 3 days .... and still only 1.5 gb being downloaded....
plzz.... is there any way...... so i can download it faster!!!!!!!!!!!


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yeah there is get a better connection i have fios and i have reached speends of 1.35mb per sec but most download at around 500-600kbs


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Utorrent the best one in my 4 years me pirate life
Use proper setting n it rocks

Jus follow my sig n u get the tut
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