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Face recoginition

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aneesh kalra

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The lenovo ad got me thinking that what would happen if the guy just put his photo in front of the laptop.can face recoginition be by passed by showing a photo (lifesize)or even passport if shown closely to the webcam


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I also heard that it can be bypassed by just using Esc Key or clicking on close button. It is more of a fun stuff than security stuff


its possible that some times these things happen but , the company itself produced it as the security feature and they might be working on it to make it better.. but i can be fun ,.,..


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Face recognition is not [and was never] meant to be used as a personal security tool. It is a crowd control/ mass security tool.

It is basically used to pick out known threats [whose pictures are with the security agency] from the crowd quickly and more efficiently than a human guard.

It works by identifying and looking for "nodal points" like:
Distance between eyes
Width of nose
Depth of eye sockets
Jaw line

All these can be easily and acurately replicated in a photograph.

Fooling personal face recognition is no big deal. But im sure a person holding a photo over his face, moving through the crowd would get noticed! [and arrested !?]

In fact face recognition is used in most US airports and was recently used at the superbowl to monitor crowds.

But dont even think of protecting you comp/assests with it. Even the guys who make the software, Visionics say so. [The software is called faceit!]

It can be a cool tool to tag your photos though.
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