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Broken In
I want to buy a External Tv Tuner Card so that i can watch Tv in the monitor without turning on the Computer. So suggest me a good Ext. Tv Tuner with FM if possible. Also tell me the Advantages and Disadvantages of the ext. Tv Tuner.


Cyborg Agent
Me uses a china make one named Gadmei. It is quite good one. But no FM

Pros of Ext. TV Tuner Card
1. No need of turning on the Comp.
2. No Drivers, No sofware, No hassles
3. Excellent picture quality compared to the internal one
4. Cheap

1. You cannot record your favourite programmes
2. Seperate Power required

If recording is no option for u, Go for the external one.
If you gonna buy an internal buy, i recommend not to buy the Mercury. Go for something like Pinnacle PCTV Plus, which is a bit costly, but is a good one.

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Pinnacle TV tuner card is the BEST.
But never purchase internal cards.
Cauz i hv faced gr8 problem with it.
I had a TV tuner card some years back.
It was working perfectly and I could record clips and many more.
But one day the DISH cable caught electricity current from somewhere and due to it my TV tuner card, modem, CD Drive, Floppy drive were damaged.

I never thought again to purchase nother TV tuner card.
I bought LG 15" CTV... :D
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