1. K

    Asus X550 ?

    what is the difference between Asus X550C and Asus X550CA? Reviews about it? ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES? Processor-i5(4th Gen) RAM-4-8Gb
  2. seamon

    Good Full HD TV.

    Suggest me a good Full HD LED TV. Size-Max possible. Res-1920x1080. Budget-45k(max). Purpose-Gaming(using HDMI cable), TATA SKY HD watching. Place of Purchase-Local/Online/Abroad. 3D-IDK if one fits in my budget or not. Any advantages or disadvantages, I read the guide and...
  3. bhutanesedude

    Enterprise Network

    I request the experts to comment on Enterprise Network. Anything about it. As like how it is made, what materials are required, total expenditure would it cost (Estimate) and others. I would also like to know its advantages and disadvantages. Please help me. Tried googling but could not find on.
  4. V

    Any major disadvantages of Asus Maximus IV gene Z?

    Hello.....Was fixed on a p8p67 pro ...until i came across this Board:Asus Maximus IV gene Z ....Its mATX.....so quite small.......are they any disadvantages regarding that?i know they overclock the 2500k so much....and do i need a water cooler for oc'ing to 4.5-4.8ghZ?pretty impressed with the...
  5. J

    u Torrent

    Hi, Whats its use? What are advantage and disadvantages? Is it recommended for routine use?/safe?
  6. papul1993

    Want to buy the Alcatel OT-802A phone

    Has someone used this phone? Please tell about this phone. Does this phone have any disadvantages? Also whats the latest price of this phone at your place? Thanks.
  7. K

    Jailbreaking ipod?

    I bought a ipod touch 3 days ago.and i read somewhere about jail breaking your ipod. so my question is : Does jail breaking the ipod damage the software/s? other words what are the disadvantages of jail breaking? and can anyone suggest good FREE apps and games for my ipod?
  8. P

    OS installation using Ghost ! How ?

    What is the procedure to install a Operating System using Ghost. What are its advantages and disadvantages.
  9. C

    laptop dilemma

    guys plz help me in choosing a laptop here are the specifications 1.i have a budget of 55 thousand 2.thinking of buying a new MAC when it releases on OCT 14th 3.is it a wise decision to go for mac 4.wat are the disadvantages of MAC 5.and wat are the other options i have 6.and finally is it...
  10. I

    BlueTooth Headset Disadvantages?

    Hi, Anybody knows about the disadvantages of using BlueTooth Headset? I started using it 5-6 months before. My friend's brother was using it. He told me that he gradually loosened the capacity of hearing. The ear was suffered with puss and he finally stopped using BlueTooth Headset. Can anybody...
  11. preshit.net

    Airtel broadband and its disadvantages

    Hello, I've been a broadband guy ever since MTNL introduced Triband millions of years ago. Before that, I was just the average joe using Pacenet / Sify. However, all my work online now requires me to have an unlimited connection, and I have zeroed down to Airtel, mainly because they are...
  12. Q

    pay pal

    Hi Guys, can any one explain me about pay pal....? and its advantages and disadvantages too.. Thanks.......
  13. mavihs

    Tablet PC

    i need a tablet PC for someone, so can u post some models here & where it can be bought in Delhi & there price. Need it as soon as possible. & also can u please list the advantages & disadvantages of it.:confused::confused::confused::confused: Opps. Posted it here by mistake. Canu move it?????
  14. caje143

    Pentium D / Pentium Iv ???

    Hi all i wanted to know what is the Difference between Pentium D & Pentium IV??? Which one is better than the other?? What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Each over the other..
  15. the.kaushik

    Feedback for 7710

    friends i want to take nokia 7710.. any 7710 user can pls point out its disadvantages.. pls
  16. N

    External HDD or Internal HDD

    Now i am using 80 GB Hitachi SATA II internal hdd which is not sufficient for me... So i am planning to extend my comp storage capacity with one more 120gb hdd... I have few questions regarding this: Which one to go for? Internal or External??? What are the advantages n disadvantages of...
  17. R

    sony handycam

    i m going for buy sony handy cam model number DCR-DVD605E, i want to know the advantages as well as disadvantages of this model
  18. sourav

    Anyone used Think Client

    Anyone used Thin Client You all must have read about Thin Client "Run P1 @ speed of P4". Anyone used it. Do you know where it is installed. Disadvantages And Advantages of using it. If you can send me details I would be happy.
  19. A

    shredding the recycle bin.............

    i want to know what shredding the recycle bin means???????? what are its advantages or disadvantages?????
  20. R

    Javascript in firefox

    Is switching off Java & Java script in firefox the right option? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
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