1. K

    Asus X550 ?

    what is the difference between Asus X550C and Asus X550CA? Reviews about it? ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES? Processor-i5(4th Gen) RAM-4-8Gb
  2. mrinmoy

    Redmi 1S or Zenfone 5?

    What do you think? Asus is a reputed brand in India, so we can expect that service will be good. Zenfone has advantages in the form of 2gb RAM, Better camera, bigger screen. And Redmi has advantages like lower price, better processor. Give your opinion guys.
  3. seamon

    Good Full HD TV.

    Suggest me a good Full HD LED TV. Size-Max possible. Res-1920x1080. Budget-45k(max). Purpose-Gaming(using HDMI cable), TATA SKY HD watching. Place of Purchase-Local/Online/Abroad. 3D-IDK if one fits in my budget or not. Any advantages or disadvantages, I read the guide and...
  4. B

    What is a eGPU?

    Heard from a friend that we can use a normal desktop graphic card as external graphhics cards for laptops... but he coudnt elaborate further? How does this setup work?? What are its advantages and dis-advantages?? Does the setup provide same performace as when the GPU is used in a desktop or...
  5. M

    what is sitemap?

    can anyone tell me briefly about the sitemap? why do we use sitemap for website? what are the advantages of sitemap?
  6. bhutanesedude

    Enterprise Network

    I request the experts to comment on Enterprise Network. Anything about it. As like how it is made, what materials are required, total expenditure would it cost (Estimate) and others. I would also like to know its advantages and disadvantages. Please help me. Tried googling but could not find on.
  7. K

    comparison btwn processors...

    friends help me to choose whether i7 -2670 will outperform i5-3210 based on performance wise.. and please reply that whether quad core i7-2670 will have any significant advantages over dual core i5 -3210 in long run and in performance wise...
  8. A

    xbox360 s mods

    what are ixtreme lt 3 and xgd3 for xbox 360. Are these hacks to run backups .How to use them . What are the advantages.
  9. S

    Suggest Feature you want in GPU

    Hi EveryBody, I will be looking to as many old forum topics as i can, but there can always be fresh inputs from you so I have created this thread. It would be nice if you also mention some key advantages of that feature. I hope you will grow it fiercely. List both hardware and...
  10. bajaj151

    Internal or External HDD

    I am planning to but 1TB hard disk What are advantages and dis-advantages of buying external hdd ??
  11. K

    Advantages and disadvantages of "amd" processors in india over intel?

    hi everyone, share your views regarding limitations or advantages of buying and using AMD processors in india. AMD doesnt have technical support base in india. is it a disadvantage? intel has been the first word of computer processor in india and...
  12. D

    Current Global Recession - Boon or Bane

    Please share your opinion about its advantages and disadvantages. I am more interested in its advantages or positive things about recessions. For example i had learned that during recession activity on Social networking sites and especially in Matrimonial sites increases because two salary...
  13. heartripple

    Premium Account of RAPIDSHARE...

    Hi dear I am interested to have a premium account of Rapidshare.So tell me the advantages of having premium account.
  14. P

    OS installation using Ghost ! How ?

    What is the procedure to install a Operating System using Ghost. What are its advantages and disadvantages.
  15. J

    Advantages of N79 over N82:A Final Comparison

    Guys, What are the advantages of N79 over N82? Please compare all there features? Also how would you compare there Sound Quality? Thanks in advance.
  16. P

    symbian and Java

    hey guyz, i m a bit newbie in mobile stuffs. I heard symbian OS is better than Java. But can u please specify its main advantages. I mean why Nokia beats SE in terms of apps?
  17. MetalheadGautham

    Why Buy A Mac ?

    I finally decided to start this thread, more out of curiosity and academic intrest than anything else. Of late, I had been seeing more and more pro mac comments. To an extent where people use statements like just use it and you will see... its just soo beautiful to work with etc. Most of them...
  18. Zangetsu


    As we know there r 3 types of HD TV.... 1.LCD 2.Plasma 3.HDTV which is better TV 2 buy...:D just give their advantages & disadvantages....:smile: I m confused between LCD HDTV & HDTV....they both r different i know but wat is the difference ???:confused:
  19. T

    WiFi Empowered MotherBoards

    Hi All, Recently I have come across from sites of major motherboards manufacturers like Asus, MSI, Gigabyte offering their motherboards with Wi-Fi features. Can any of you please explain me in details about advantages of having Wi-Fi feature in Motherboards ? ThanX
  20. debiprasad_sahoo

    Why anyone need DNS control?

    Why anyone need DNS control and More info on DNS Dear friends, I want to know more about DNS control. Why do I need it and what are the advantages?
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