Exe files opened as PHP files by firefox

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Hi guys,

Need some urgent help...i have been using firefox for ages now never had a problem as this.... wenever i try to downlaod any exe file from the net..fire fox save it as a file called download.php(but with the true size) this means that i am able to save the whole file from the net but it has a extension as a .php file so everytime i run it...tends to open up firefox n i am not able to access the file... how to open the exe files...

just not exe faces this problem but winrar files n others too...

can someone help me regarding this


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Rename it to exe or rar or whatever after download. You can reinstall firefox and see if that solves the problem. Make sure you delete C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ after backing up your bookmarks.
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