Es 18 vs jvc marsh

quick question.have any one used sound magic es 18 earphone before??
how good are they when it comes to sound quality and comfort.
n how are they wen compared to jvc marsh..
any help????


I've heard both of them and own the ES18.
On stock eartips, I found that the MM were a bit cluttered and vocals didn't feel right, the bass was alright but the ES18 were better for vocals and sounded more spacious and its bass wasn't that much behind that of MM(this changed after i changed the eartips).
After I changed the eartips with the ones i already have, the sound became so much better.
ES18 made my music feel lively and reminded me of my M2 (ofcourse not as good as that).
If I were you, I'd go for the ES18. Its much better sounding, both with or without stock eartips.
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