ENGINEERING: to get a job faster, and a high pay


Right off the assembly line
I think at this stage you should not think about job. Make focus on your studies and see in which area your interests create & see where you have more questions to ask.
At this stage attraction of job fields creates the less concentration on studies.

Anish G

Right off the assembly line
If possible get the list of companies that came to your college for campus recruitment in last 5 years.
Most chances they would repeat.

Prepare yourself according to that.

If you see only service based companies (TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, CTS etc) are the trend prepare in DBMS, C/JAVA, J2EE.

For certifaction, chose either MS path of Java path.

MS : .net related certifications ans courses
Java : Java related all courses or certifications.

And, apti....before these companies get to weigh you on your technical knowledge, you need to pass the aptitude tests.
Prepare for that well enough to reach technical round.

If the product oriented companies (MS, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon etc) do not come for campus recruitment, you can always join them once skilled enough.

b/w for service based industries, the pay package is kinda same i.e. 3-3.5 Lacks/Anum

If you are looking for job soon after finishing B.Tech this is the starting package you might just get.

For higher pay package, go for MBA. Another two years. Average starting pay package would be 8-10Lacks/anum.

Hope that helped.

What if I am looking for job after B. Sc. Computer Science Honourse?


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What if I am looking for job after B. Sc. Computer Science Honourse?
Let me not discourage you but a higher degree would be good for you.

In this case you would compete with B.Tech guys and as value goes with degree, B.Tech ranks higher than B.Sc.
Please do M.Sc and you would be in really good position for good jobs.
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