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End of world or not?

Do you wish the world comes to an end soon?

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Well it depends a lot on how you describe "The World".

By any means if you are trying to refer to a total exctinction of human race.I would certainlly disagree to that.
Why do you want the exctinction theory to become a reality soon ???
Do you know that after how much possibilities amongst millions and billions of planetary objects , it was possible for life to originate and sustain on Earth. ?? And Human Race being the most intelligent amongst them(Cats are an Exception , though).

Why...dude..why ?? WHy do you want to get all of us killed ?? I ain't that bad.


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Don't care either way.

But if the world ends, it should be quick and efficient , so there are no regrets.

If the world doesn't end, damn - another day in office - I want my vacation. :-D


Fortune favors the brave
I would like if the world ends just like in 2012 Movie or Resident Evil Style!(come on! i can dream can i?)
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Lost in speed
^ so cruel. Our earth will surely explode one day, but we won't be there to experience it. :lol:
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