Electric Range Rover breaks cover

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Chugging along in a petrol-gobbling town tractor needn’t get you in Greenpeace’s bad books any more, thanks to Liberty Electric Cars’ all-new electric Range Rover.

Sure, you’ll need a second mortgage to afford its £95,000 price tag, but as aftermarket electric power conversions go, it’s an impressive achievement.

Liberty reckons its re-worked Range Rover has a range of 200 miles on a single charge, and claims its performance on par with the standard petrol or diesel versions.

There’s even the option to fit an on-board generator, creating more electricity on the move, although since you’d have to put petrol in to make that happen, it defeats the purpose of an eco car.



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The Car looks like an IRON BOX on wheel....
Its not a complete Eco car and Price is Too High....
Not even worth a look.
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